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How To Keep Out Raccoons From Your Property

Home improvement is essential as it creates a relaxed ambiance and speaks positively about the individual homeowner. In some areas, there is a high number of raccoons that may invade private property. While some people have kept these animals as pets; experts discourage the practice for a number of reasons. Raccoons are known to spread rabies and can cause destruction to property both inside and outside the house, that is why you need to call your local wildlife control service. If you are in Richmond Hill you can give these guys a call, in Richmond Hill . In addition, the aggressive behavior of raccoons is highly unpredictable, to the extent that they can bite in situations where they feel threatened. As such, it is vital that the animals are kept out from private property or call you local raccoon removal company.

How to keep out raccoons from your property

It is important to understand the behavior of raccoons before deciding the perfect way to keep them out. Installing light and sound devices around the property. These nocturnal animals will mostly look for food at night. It is evident that they like moving around when it is quiet and dark. Placing floodlights around the property will discourage raccoons from coming near the said property. In addition, one can place the source of sound next to the areas that the animals will mostly visit. For instance, placing a radio near a litter bin will keep the animals away

Proper storage of food sources

Raccoons are omnivorous and will mostly raid areas where there is the constant supply of food. If one keeps pet food outside their house, raccoons will opt to feed on the same instead of hunting in the wild. In order to keep the animals out, the area around the property should be kept free of anything that comprises the animal’s diet. Any waste should be securely covered to avoid a situation where raccoons are attracted by litter bins.

Seal all possible entry points

These animals gain entry into the property by either climbing or digging the ground. Covering all entry point is a great way to keep the animals out of the property. Cutting any branches that hang over the roof will prevent raccoons from accessing the roof. Moreover, after driving out all raccoons, it is advisable to fit chimney caps to stop raccoons from using chimneys as hiding places.

Electrified fence

It has been said that normal fences will do very little to keep raccoons out. With such fences, the animals will either climb over or dig the ground to access the property. Electrified fences, especially around gardens, yards and orchards will effectively prevent the animals from accessing private property. An important point to note is that the fence should be armed at times when raccoons are considered to be most active. For more stubborn raccoons, repellents can be used to keep them out. In extreme cases, one can consult pest control professionals for reliable advice. All in all, with the knowledge on how to keep out raccoons from your property, there is something you can do to control the animals.