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Evict A Squirrel Family With Babies

Probably, you would appreciate watching squirrels at park or anywhere else, but when the little burrowing rodent makes its way to your garret you will try by all means to see them out from that place. These animals are active all year round and built nests in holes and tree cavities mostly in winters. Your loft is the suitable place for squirrels to build a warm, nice nest more so if there is a hole or an access point to it. We asked squirrel removal experts in Toronto about their squirrel removal techniques. We were fortunate enough to get some advice.

Luckily enough, there are three main things if put in place simultaneously will eliminate squirrels from your attic in a humane way without causing any harm at all. To be successful, this effort on how to humanely evict a squirrel family with babies is advisable to be practiced for 3-4 a day.

The use of sound

Any loud sound will effectively do here, be it a radio set on a talk radio station. They can’t withstand high loud pitched sound.

Adapt a flashlight or a working light to completely light up the area. In-case you are using an electrical light, ensure that the bulb is placed in a way that it wonDt start fire. If the flash light dims down, replace the batteries immediately. Squirrels fears bright lights.


Take rags into an empty container of the margarine, dampen them using ammonia and cover it then make holes for the smell to come out. Place the stinking rags at the entrance to the nests and around nests. Before throwing containers containing ammonia into the general area of the nest, ensure that there is no babies and if there are any, they can be moved away from the containers. These odors are so strong that if a young baby
canDt flee from it, they may die. So, try to be cautious where you place them.

Install a one way exit to allow the rodents to escape. However, if the babies can’t move and follow the adults, they will simply die in that nest space thus never use a one way door if the young ones can’t move.

Use flour to trace footprints to confirm that all of them have left and if you are convinced that they are all gone, block the holes or entrances using papers or rags. If there is no sign of them in a span of 3-5 days, it’s an indication that they have migrated.