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Getting Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are a classic pest. These birds habitually roost on or inside buildings where they create messes with feathers and droppings. They can also spread disease, so getting rid of them is a good idea. While it’s not always easy to keep them away, with the right knowledge, it can be done effectively using following tips or you also can read a great article written by humane society.

Pigeon Spikes

Spikes are a type of bird repellent that will keep birds from landing on a roof, porch, or balcony. The spikes should not actually injure the birds, but will be effective in sending them away. Pigeon spikes are available from most home improvement stores and can be installed easily with silicone. However, while spikes are effective, they may not be practical for all areas so take other measures as needed.

Surface Repellents

Because pigeons have sensitive feet, surface repellents are a safe choice. Most of the repellents on the market today are sticky and pigeons avoid them as much as possible. Apply this material to areas where pigeons could land and after one pigeon discovers the surface, the others will learn and land in other spots. Surface repellent is a practical choice for larger areas and tends to be very effective.

Seal Off Entrances

While pigeons on the property are frustrating, they can actually roost in attics and vents, causing damage to a home. The best way to prevent pigeons from entering a house it to seal off any potential spots. Ensure that attic and soffit vents are properly screened to keep out pigeons as well as any other pests. Complete a thorough inspection of the roof to find these open areas and block them off.

Consider Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices are new to the market but will effectively keep pigeons from a certain area. These devices can be set to emit frequencies that are specific to different types of birds and animals, so ultrasonic devices will keep pigeons away without scaring other types of wildlife. The impact to pigeons is similar to being in a crowded room. Since they cannot communicate, pigeons tend to avoid areas with ultrasonic devices and won’t nest or stay where a device is present.

These methods are effective at removing pigeons as well as preventing their return. These methods are also cruelty-free and will encourage pigeons to live away from homes and crowded areas. Use one or more of these solutions as a way to keep pigeons from being a continuous pest and causing damage.