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How To Make Your Property Unwelcoming to Raccoons

Raccoon problems are common to places which are close to nature. They might look really cute to some but they could be unsafe, fierce and might even carry some diseases. With this, you need to stay away from raccoons. Below are some effective ways on how to make your property unwelcoming to raccoons Keep them out of your place. The best advice on the topic comes from regional raccoon removal experts.

Make sure to make your place unpleasant for raccoons. Always keep your house and garage close and clean. When they are able to enter your premises, it would really be hard to evict them. Be sure that there are no leftover food in the backyard or in any place in your property for this could invite raccoons looking for something to eat.

Make a homemade deterrent

Look for unused rags in your home and apply it with ammonia or peppermint oil. Place these rags around your property especially in places where you often see some raccoons. These animals do not like the odor of ammonia and peppermint oil which keeps them away from your property. Motion-Sensor Sprinkler

An effective and inexpensive solution to your problem is a motion-sensor sprinkler. This should be set-up strategically for better results. When raccoon enter in the boundary of the sensors, it would automatically sprinkle water in the area scaring away any pests like raccoons.

Play a radio

During the night, it would be a good idea to play a radio in areas where raccoons are frequently seen. The voice of the people talking in the radio could scare of raccoons. This is an effective way of keeping those raccoons out of your property while you are having a good night sleep. For the safety of your family and property, make sure that you practice the tips mentioned above especially when your place is frequently visited by raccoons. By taking the right actions, you could easily and effectively deal with this kind of problem.